How We Started…

It All Started With a Visit…

This Disney journey of mine started in 1978.  That was my first trip to Walt Disney World. I was 4 and I instantly fell in love. I honestly, cannot remember a time when we didn’t visit WDW. My parents loved visiting and we were there just about once a month. I have to add that growing up in south Florida helped too.

Over the years, I have visited Walt Disney World Resort so many times that I have lost track. I’ve experienced these countless adventures with family, friends, classmates and even my college roommates. My bucket list goal is to see the rest of the country, but when I have an opportunity for vacation, I always find myself back at WDW.

In 1995, I started helping friends, family, co-workers and sometimes even strangers with planning their trips and continued this for several years.

Fast-forward to August 2007, when Mouse Memories Travel was born and I became a Disney Destination Specialist and moving up to Disney Destination Genius Booking over 300 clients over the next 11 years.

And here we are, 2018. This year has changed my life and keeps getting better and better. About 4 months ago, my best friend since 6th grade, Kristy, approached me with the idea of becoming travel partners and working together in helping families with their magical Disney vacations. How can I say no to such a wonderful idea! We merged together and here we are…..The Good Vibe Travel Blog!

Join us for this magical journey!

Magic everyday, Darcie                                                              

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