How We Started…Part 2.

 Kristy’s love of Disney started as a child,with her first trip to Walt Disney World in 1987. She loves the magic and happy feelings you feel walking down Main Street USA and catching that first glimpse of Cinderella Castle. There’s nothing like it in the world and everyone should experience it at least once in their lifetime. Though once is never enough!!

For years, Kristy has helped friends and family plan their Disney vacations and so she decided to become a Disney travel agent. Knowing that this journey would be much more fun with a partner and being best friends and Disney best friends since 6th grade, Kristy had the amazing idea to partner with Darcie and to start The Good Vibe Travel Co.

Together, Kristy and Darcie of The Good Vibe Travel Co are dedicated to give each client a memorable experience while helping them plan their magical Disney vacation. Through experience, tips, secrets great planning and more; Kristy, who is famous for her personalized vacation tips and who packs an amazing park bag and Darcie, who is known for her many visits and extensive WDW knowledge are here to help!

Contact us for your FREE quote.

Magic everyday, Kristy & Darcie 

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