Money Saving Monday

If you’re a planner like we are, you are always thinking 🤔 of your next Disney vacation!! But, when you are ready to plan and book, do the prices overwhelm you? Have you thought about starting a Vacation Fund 💰  or Vacation Account 💵 at your bank? Why not? 

Think about this… 2020 and 2021 are going to be some of the most exciting years at Walt Disney World Resort! With all that is new and coming (lots more about that later 👍🏻) wouldn’t it be a GREAT time to start saving for your vacation??

Let’s start small… $5, $10, or $20 💰 from each paycheck could be put in a savings account and used only for your Disney vacation! Depending on how many times you get paid per month and how soon you plan to take your vacation. 🌴 The earlier you start, the smaller amount you could take out from each check.

It only takes a $200 💵 deposit to book your Disney vacation. And, the AWESOME thing is, depending on who you book through (The Good Vibe Travel Co. is a great recommendation🤗), you can make payments on your vacation up to 30 days prior to check-in! LAYAWAY your Disney vacation?? 🤩 How AWESOME is that?? 🎉 Definitely gives you good vibes right in the feels! 🌴

Think about how you would like to start saving 💰for your next vacation and follow us on every Monday for #moneysavingmonday tips from your fave Disney Vacation Planners.

Magic everyday, Kristy and Darcie 🌴 


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