Attraction Tuesday

When you hear the name Space Mountain, you either become very excited or a chill runs down your spine with fright! 🤗😨 Florida’s oldest operating roller coaster opened on January 15, 1975 and was the first coaster to be controlled by computers, making this attraction a real trend setter in the 70s.

Whether it’s the allure of this mysterious mountain, hidden within the shadows of it’s own building. The sharp turns, steep drops, the music or it’s speed, (max speed 28 mph 🤫), everyone has a strong opinion about space mountain.

 Besides being one of our fave coasters, we think it happens to have one of the greatest queues in all of WDW, just because it’s inside and in the A/C. 😎 It sure feels like the longest walk ever, until you reach the split to either the Alpha or Omega track and the anticipation awakens! We must point out that there is nothing like the smell of being in Space Mountain. Vintage and homey are two words that come to mind. Lol. Whatever, it is, we love it!😍

You have to admire the Cast Members who keep Space Mountain running so smoothly. They are like a well-oiled machine! On some days, there is no time to even be on your phone, while in line,

🤦🏻‍♀️) because the lines move so fast and your boarding assignment comes so quickly. 🚀

Many of us die-hard Disney fans hope for a malfunction so we can see the rare sight of Space Mountain with it’s lights on! 💡 Rushing to the Peoplemover when Space Mountain is down, shows your true level of Disney fandom. Seeing the tracks with the lights on is amazing and a bit scary! 😉

One thing that sets Disney a part from other theme parks, is their attention to detail. Have you ever noticed the Starport 75 sign? It pays homage to the year WDW’s Space Mountain opened, 1975! 🎉

Magic everyday, Kristy & Darcie

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