Disney Vacation Countdown

     The days have slowly passed by and you are finally at your 30 day mark, signaling one month until your magical Disney vacation. How do you celebrate? Do you make a countdown calendar? Countdown on a white board or chalk board? Do you have a homemade Disney chart where you add pictures to countdown, or take pictures away? The possibilities are endless while the excitement intensifies! Your Disney vacation is so close.



When our kiddos were younger, we did it all! Countdown chains, chalkboard countdowns, chart countdowns and anything else the kids came up with to signify another day closer to going home. Our most challenging countdown was the one we started at 100 days! Yes, we were insane! Lol. Our countdown chain stretched all the way around our kitchen cabinet tops and took what seemed like forever to get to zero. The kids loved it, but from then on, we stayed around the 60,45 or 30 day countdown. 😉 Now that they are teenagers, it makes me heart happy that they still do Disney countdowns, they just have them on their smartphones.


Another family activity we did to celebrate our Disney vacation countdown, were Disney Nights. We would watch some of our favorite Disney movies and plan a meal to coordinate with that movie. For example, spaghetti and meatballs with Meet the Robinson’s. We even went further with Meet the Robinson’s and instead of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, we made the peanut butter and jelly milk shakes from Disney Hollywood Studios’ 50s Prime Time Cafe. Yummy! We made hero sandwiches with The Incredibles and hot dogs and onion rings and other circus foods with Dumbo. Your imagination can go wild with your ideas for your countdown.

Share with us below your favorite ways to countdown to your Disney vacation! We love to see what other families do!

Magic everyday, Darcie

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