Packing Hacks From The Pros

     I know this might sound weird to some people, but one of my favorite things about getting ready for my Disney World vacation is the packing. Yes, I said the packing. Lol.  Even though I’ve been way too many times to count, I’m just a bundle of energy and excitement leading up to my vacation. I started packing at least a month before my vacation. Crazy, right?

     The whole Good Vibe family is flying together to Walt Disney World Resort for the first time. This is going to take packing to a whole other level for us.  It’s going to be cutting out the non essential stuff and packing only what we need. I’m not sure about anyone else, but my sweet husband will pack 17 pairs of shorts for a 5 day trip, knowing good and well that if we run out of something or forget underwear (yes that was me) there is a shopping center that’s just a short Uber or Lyft ride away.

 Do you have any of these same packing issues?  Does your crazy family make it hard to pack?  We’ve come up with some hacks to make packing a little easier for you.

1)Packing for younger kids, pack complete outfits in gallon Ziploc bags (outfit, socks, and undies) and throw one in your park bag in case of accidents or if they get wet on a water ride.

2)Remember not to pack too many clothes. Disney Resorts have laundry facilities. Head back to your resort early one night, throw a load of laundry in, go swimming, catch a movie under the stars or other resort activities while your clothes are washing and drying.

3)To save more room in your suitcase, roll your clothes.

4)To keep those feet feeling “magical”, I pack 2 pairs of well worn, broken in tennis shoes and alternate them. I also pack a pair of flip flops for pool time.

5)Use travel size. We pack a mini first aid kit, medicine, shampoo, toothpaste, etc. Remember to keep the toiletries to a minimum. Remember just pack what you know you’ll use.

6)To save space, money, or to make those picky eaters happy, pack snacks for the plane (I dropped $30 on a cup of coffee, a bagel, and some snacks before I even got on the plane).  Also, you can save room in your bags by using a grocery delivery service or Amazon Prime Pantry and have groceries delivered to your resort.

These are just a few of our packing hacks that we hope will ease the some of the stress of packing and remember just relax and enjoy your vacation!

Good Vibes-Kristy





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