The Good Vibe Travel Blog’s Top 5 Exciting Walt Disney World Attractions

     Join us as we countdown our 5 favorite exciting Walt Disney World attractions and compare your faves with ours!

#5 Test Track – Epcot

 We love the excitement of the speed trial at the end of Test Track, reaching the top speed of 64.9 miles, making it the fastest Disney attraction ever built. But, we honestly miss the testing procedures that the original attraction simulated. Our kids love the addition of designing your own car, but we still miss the original. Always, an exciting finish for sure! Kristy likes Expedition Everest better than Test Track and I like Test Track better just because it doesn’t go backwards! Test Track had to make our list since it’s the fastest and longest (length, not timing) Disney attraction. Each TT vehicle’s computers are rumored to have more processing power than the Space Shuttle. Wow! That’s some amazing Disney Imagineering! I like the history of this attraction and that they used the same building as the original attraction,World of Motion. This is a super-fun ride and makes everyone in our family happy. We decided that Expedition Everest will get a special mention and that will be in a post all itself!

#4 The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror- Disney’s Hollywood Studios

We both love Tower of Terror, even though the “free fall” feeling always scares the bejesus out of me! On our last trip I swear I was at one point, standing up straight in my seat!! Lol. This amazingly themed attraction and it’s technological advances keeps us going back for more. I would just love to hang out in the Hollywood Tower Hotel for a few hours! Wouldn’t you? Standing at 199 feet tall, if taller, it would have to comply with FAA regulations and have a red flashing aircraft warning light on the rooftop and Disney Imagineers felt that would not keep in with the 1930’s design they were going for. We call this attraction a technological marvel because of the upgrades given over the last few years. Remember when it opened? No longer just one big “drop,” (you are actually pulled down and not dropped.) You really never know what kind of ride you are going to get and that my friends is Disney magic at its finest.

#3 Splash Mountain- Magic Kingdom

Our Good Vibe family on Splash and I’m the easiest to spot. Just trying to crouch down under the seat. That’s all. 😝

I have a love/hate relationship with this attraction. Kristy absolutely loves it. Me, not so much. Lol. I love the animatronics, the theming, the great music, the talented voice cast and Tony Baxter, who came up with the idea, is one of my fave Imagineers. I just hate that drop! Always have. It’s a 50 foot drop!! I would rather ride Tower of Terror, than Splash Mountain. Really. But, I always get talked into riding it. And, until we reach the bottom, I always hope for a malfunction so we can walk off. It never happens. Anyways, I do feel better with the lap bars that were added in 2011. I can remember them not being there when this attraction first opened and for years later and holding onto my kiddos during the drop, worried they would fall out. It was a happy addition for this scaredy cat! In all, it’s a wonderful ride, if you don’t mind that huge drop and getting wet! Yes, everyone gets wet. Last month, there was a basket in the queue with Splash Mountain themed Ziploc bags to keep your electronics dry. Very cute. Very thoughtful and very telling. You will get wet!

#2 Slinky Dog Dash- Disney’s Hollywood Studios

Y’all, we didn’t joke about the speed! Look at our hair! 💨

We both LOVE this roller coaster!! There is only one other attraction that we love just a bit more. Slinky Dog Dash surprised us in that it was a bit more exciting than we expected! If you are thinking this is a boring family coaster, think again! Plenty of speed! Plenty of thrills! Plenty of wonderment for the whole family. Just when you think it’s over, Disney surprises you with more. A second mid-ride launch, a first for Disney Parks! This coaster is our fave coaster on Disney property. Not only is it way more fun than we expected, it is truly a feast for the eyes for every Toy Story fan! There is something to see around every corner and Disney Imagineers really outdid themselves with the design. Check out the Fastpass+ scanner, it’s an oversized Crayola crayon! This coaster is a fast-loading coaster, the wait times may be long, but the CM’s do a great job of keeping things moving right along and are very efficient. When you get close to the front of the line, there is no time to play on your phone, you will be on your way very soon. Awesome, awesome coaster and really could almost tie for #1, with us!

#1 Avatar Flight of Passage- Disney’s Animal Kingdom

Ok, y’all, when an attraction can bring you to tears and bring up so many emotions that come with being immersed in such an amazing place, it has to be #1! Flight of Passage is absolutely amazing. During the ride, I thought to myself, this must be what heaven feels like. Really. It’s so calming, so peaceful and honestly a work of art! You actually feel like you are flying! I even patted my Banshee during our ride, without even thinking! Getting into the ride vehicle is almost like getting on a motorcycle but with back and leg restraints. It’s harder for those taller people as many of our tall family members were squished in by CM’s to make sure they were safe. It’s an opportunity for a good laugh, as your family member is quite surprised from the squishing! The beginning of the ride, brings out many “oohs” and “awws ” from first time guests. Disney Imagineers created the most innovative and immersive attraction in the world and built it with huge crowds in mind. You can’t get bored going through this queue. It’s absolutely fascinating from start to finish. It does help greatly to have seen the movie a few times as the queue area does include the history of Pandora. Our whole family loves this ride! Because of the full immersion of this amazing attraction and watching a screen, I did have to take off the 3D glasses as I was getting a bit motion sick, which is common for me. (I cannot ride Star Tours at all.) Taking the glasses off did help me and I still will ride again. Maybe with some meds first? Lol. We aren’t going to give away any more spoilers, we want you to experience it for yourselves! It’s truly amazing and most definitely our #1 attraction in Walt Disney World.

Thank you so much for following us and reading our longest post! This was a lot of fun and we will countdown more of our faves very soon.

Feel free to comment or contact us. We would love to hear from you.

Good vibes and Disney rides, Darcie

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