Reflections Construction Has Begun

     When Disney announced in November, the name of their new Disney Vacation Club resort that is going to be built on the deserted and decaying site of their long-gone and first water park, River Country, us Disney die-hards were excited and a bit sad.

     Yes, something needed to be done with this eyesore on the shore of Bay Lake, but to many of us, a piece of our Disney childhood is now officially gone. The plans have been made, the permits have been filed and now, demo has begun. Maybe there was always that glimmer of hope that something in River Country would be brought back to life, but deep down, we knew it wasn’t possible. That fun, old-fashioned swimmin’ hole is gone for good. We have those pictures taken on our old Minoltas, Nikons and Kodak cameras to look back on. We have the memories of going down Slippery Slide Falls over and over, swimming in Upstream Plunge, and my fave, tubing on White Water Rapids.

858A8F6A-E79A-4E8E-91B5-7774F6D7F206.jpegSlippery Slide Falls in it’s prime.

      Reflections- A Disney Lakeside Lodge is Disney’s 16th DVc property. The expected number of hotel rooms is 1,700, which would make it larger than Disney’s Boardwalk Inn and Villas. Pop Century has the largest amount of hotel rooms, 2,880. This nature-inspired resort is scheduled to open in 2022 and will have some of the most amazing views of Bay Lake. I look forward to visiting this resort, as this is one of my fave areas on Disney property. I’ve told my husband our next DVC contract should be here. Let’s just say, he does not share my memories of River Country and my love for this area. I still have time to work on him. Lol!

3FB0E875-E1EB-4FF5-A50B-6A5EFF04FD0DDemo has begun as seen from Bay Lake.


BA297A6C-E867-4D4C-9234-78A7262D7434.jpegArtist rendering of  Reflections- A Disney Lakeside Lodge.   Source: Disney

Good vibes and Disney rides, Darcie

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