Test Track Celebrates 20th Anniversary

     To celebrate 20 years of one of our fave attractions…20 facts about Test Track!


1- Test Track is not the first attraction at this location. World of Motion, an opening day attraction at Epcot Center, opened October 1, 1982 and closed January 2, 1996. It was a fun attraction for it’s time, but Test Track is much more thrilling!



2- Plans for a Test Track type attraction began as early as 1976, Wow! Development on Test Track began in 1992, World of Motion did not close until January 1996.


3- Officially opened on March 17, 1999, after many, many delays from problems revealed during testing and changes in design.



4- Almost the entire closed World of Motion pavilion was gutted, a new track was built around the existing building and a third story was added.


5- Test Track was designed by Walt Disney Imagineering and General Motors Corporation. It was manufactured by Dynamic Structures, a Canadian company founded in 1926, that creates amusement rides, theme park rides, observatory telescopes and other complex steel structures.


6- Originally, Test Track was intended to reach speeds of 95 mph on the outside stretch! Can you imagine?! However, due to the rides steep embankments and Florida’s legal speed limit being 65 mph, the speed was lowered for safety. Whew!


7- Test Track was built to withstand hurricane-force winds up to 200 mph!


8- Test Track is not only the FASTEST, but the LONGEST, Disney World attraction. Top speed is 65 mph and the length of the track is 5,246 ft, only 34 feet short of a mile.


9- It only takes Test Track ride vehicles 8.8 seconds to reach the top speed of 65 mph! Hold onto your hair! (We are assuming you have already stowed your hats and Mickey ears!)


10- Ride duration is 5 minutes and 34 seconds.


11- Each ride vehicle has 3 on-board computers. The power of these computers combined is more powerful than the processing power of the Space Shuttle! That’s pretty impressive!




12- Here’s some geometry to impress your friends…the angle of the banked curves surrounding the main building are 50 degrees.


13- Each Test Track ride vehicle was designed to last a million miles. That could come quicker than you think since each ride vehicle travels about 50,000 miles a year.


14- With the track located outside, this attraction has strict safety rules related to weather. If the weather becomes questionable, lightning in the area, in particular, the ride may shut down temporarily. Thankfully, Florida weather changes rather quickly!


15- Feeling a bit dizzy after this test ride? There are a total of 34 turns from beginning to end.


16- Each ride vehicle features 6 separate braking systems (you can feel each one of them at the end, can’t you??) and has 22 wheels. Only 4 of these are visible to guests.


17- There are an estimated 25 active ride vehicles and 6 back up vehicles.




18- Here’s some math…25 cars, each car seats 6, and a train comes in from the station, ha ha, just kidding! No crazy word problems here…..that’s approximately 150 people who could be on Test Track at any given point!


19- Sponsorship- General Motors (1999-2012) Chevrolet (2012-present)


20- Did you know there is a private VIP Lounge above Test Track? It’s reserved for employees and guests of the companies that sponsor the pavilion, who would be GM and Chevrolet! Very cool!


That’s all! 20 facts for 20 years! Cheers to you, Test Track!

Good vibes and Disney rides, Darcie

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