All good things… Endgame!


We’re in the Endgame now.

The time has come. The end is upon us. Will the universe be left ripped in half by the snap of a mad Titan or will it be avenged?

Marvel fans Assemble!!! The movie we have been waiting on is upon us! The Marvel Cinematic Universe Phase 3 is complete! 22 films to tell the twisted tale of a mad Titan’s dream and the mighty heroes destined to stop him. Last month, I challenged each you to take up your shield and hammer and forge forward with me on a quest to watch all 21 movies in 30 days! How many of you made it? I can proudly say, I DID IT! Granted I had the help of some unexpected downtime, thanks to a bout with the flu and a stomach virus…(not sure it was worth it?!?!)  As I’ve stated in my previous blog posts, I always do my best to go into a movie without any expectations. I won’t lie, I failed miserably on this one! There has been so much hype about this film, from commercials, teasers, trailers, talk show hosts (if you haven’t seen the amazing We Didn’t Start the Fire by the Avengers from Jimmy Fallon, you are missing out!) and within my own mind. I can honestly say, I’ve never been so excited to see a movie. Now, I’ve been a Star Wars fan for almost my entire life, but it doesn’t compare to this. There have been several EPIC tales told through movies  and television (Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, Game of Thrones, and I’ll even throw in Harry Potter) None of them come close to the level that Marvel and Disney has done with the MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe). So I am going to forgive myself and allow the expectation to blossom and grow in anticipation of this movie. I think the story deserves it. I think the fans deserve it.

And did they deliver? Absolutely!!! I was utterly and completely blown away. This movie exceeded all expectations and was one of the best movies I’ve ever seen. A friend of ours, who is not a Marvel fan, walked out of the movie theater talking about how awesome it was!

So here is my **NO SPOILER REVIEW**

From the opening scenes to the closing credits, you could feel the emotion put forth by the actors, the writers, and the director. The movie had an overall feel that is hard to express in words. I laughed and I cried. There was such a wide range of emotion while watching the movie. The buildup of a scene, the significance of an event, and the raw passion from everyone involved could be felt throughout. I went into the movie spoiler free. I avoided a lot of social media to keep some idiotic keyboard cowboy from performing an act of cyber-bullying and getting their kicks off by ruining the movie. It was hard, but it was worth it! Luckily a friend of ours shot me a text message to let me know the 1pm showing was sold out. We were going to the 4pm show. I rushed to the Study of our house and got on the laptop. YES! There were still tickets available online. It was 12:45. Literally 5 mins after I had purchased our tickets, I opened ths website back up and the 4pm show was sold out. With our 9 tickets in hand (Thank you ONLINE Sales!) I still got the theater an hour early, just in case there was a line. I prepared for this movie. Let’s not fool ourselves, the older we get the harder it is to go 3 hours without a bathroom break. I actually stopped drinking any fluids 4 hours before going into the movie so I could make the full run time. I am pleased to say I made it! There are several articles out explaining (mostly spoiler free) times to make a bathroom run. I must disagree with them. To me, this film needs to be watched in its entirety. Every scene has meaning. It may not be a direct plot supporter or a moment of significance explaining the meaning of something, but it has value. Every scene has something. The majority of people in the audience could sense it as well. As I said the viewing we attended was a sold out show. The theater was packed. There were moments you could hear a pin drop. For almost 3 hours, a room full of strangers were on a journey together. A journey masterly conceived, well written, well directed, and acted out to perfection. I hope there was a showing in Heaven and Stan Lee had a front row seat. Thank you Stan.



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