World of Disney Refurb

We’ve had several months to get over the shock of the complete reimagination of the World of Disney shop at Disney Springs. Yes, many of us feel that a bit of our childhood is gone with the absence of so many of our favorite characters in this huge shopping oasis. I, myself, had to take a picture of the Genie dressed as a tourist, every time we were shopping. Take heart. All is not lost. Yet again, Disney has showed us their infinite wisdom in this new streamlined design. It doesn’t feel as crowded or as overstimulating. Items are easier to find and it feels like guest traffic flow is better.

Our favorite characters are back, but not at neck-breaking heights as they were before. So many wonderful digital and artful touches that make you feel like you, yourself have stepped into a Disney animated production. You see art supplies, paint colors, pencil sketches, posters and more.

My absolute favorite part of this reimagined space, is at the checkout. As you head to finalize your purchases, you feel as if you just stepped into the Walt Disney Studios, back in the days when hand drawn animation was king. I love seeing all of the sketches, the counters that are made to look like the animator’s desks, the filing drawers, the photos, display art and much more.

Disney Imagineers and designers did an amazing job paying tribute to those who brought us so many of our favorite characters many years ago. Above, you can see the filing drawers labeled with the names of films created by Disney’s Nine Old Men. It’s truly a joy to look around and see all of the special touches that might have been missed by those in a hurry, or those simply unaware of who these animation giants were.

This unassuming bulletin board, pays homage to Disney’s Nine Old Men. I have to admit that I became very excited and giddy when I first spotted it. Who are they? Well, I’m glad you asked… here’s a bit of Disney history…

Disney’s Nine Old Men, were Walt Disney Production’s core group of animators. The play on words here is that many of them were in their twenties when they first were hired and Walt still called them old men. This eclectic group, worked during the golden era of the studios on animated features from Steamboat Willie (Les Clark was the only one of the Nine Old Men to work with Ub Iwerks on the origins of Mickey, himself) Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs all the way to The Rescuers! That’s almost 40 years of animation!

Disney’s Nine Old Men were… Les Clark, Ollie Johnston, Frank Thomas, Marc Davis, Milt Kahl, Ward Kimball, Eric Larson, John Lounsberry and Wolfgang Reitherman.

Sadly, all nine of these talented animators are now deceased. They sure left us with some amazing memories with all of the productions they worked on. I applaud Disney for taking us back to their roots and showcasing some of the art of this talented group.

Here are a few more examples, at check out, of the sketches, that were most likely ready for their pencil test, back in the day.

During your next Disney vacation, where it be at Walt Disney World, Disneyland or even one of Disney’s Beach Resorts, always keep your eyes open for Disney magic. If you need an experienced Travel Planner to make sure you don’t miss little surprises like these, contact us today! The Good Vibe Travel Girls have been booking Disney vacations for 12 years. 🌟 That’s a lot of Disney trips and experience!

Wishing you Good Vibes and Disney Rides, Darcie

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