Toy Story 4 What it means to be lost…

Way back in 1995 the world was introduced to Pixar. They released their first major film in Toy Story and changed animation forever. Not only did their method for creating animated movies jump light years ahead of the standard norm at the time, their story telling ability was on par with non-animated films. Disney/Pixar has always had the ability to tell great stories and the latest installation of the Toy Story tale is no different.

It’s been 24 years since the first Toy Story movie was release and 9 years since the 3rd one. That’s quite a gap for a sequel. Many of the original fans have grown up, have kids of their own and some even have grandkids… I myself was 20 years old and in college when the first movie came out and now I’m taking my, almost 10 year old, daughter to see a sequel. One of the best parts of Toy Story 4, they included bits for us original fans and new fans. We went to the theater for a 1pm showing of a G rated movie. As you can expect, it was packed with families. There were quite a few of us “forty somethings” all the way down to a couple babies I’m pretty sure came out of the womb that morning! One thing I enjoy when watching movies like this is hearing the children around me enjoy the movie. I’m not speaking to the loud annoying little brats whose parents should know better than to take them to a theater. I’m talking about the kids who get it. They, even at a young age, are captivated by a movie. I love hearing the little “Oooos and awwws”, the giggles, and even the funny little comments they make to their parents. As they say, out of the mouths of babes…

To me, it speaks to the story telling ability of the minds behind movies like Toy Story 4. How can you weave a tale that captures the attention of 5 year olds and yet entertains parents and grandparents? It honestly boggles my mind. Yet they do it time and time again. Toy Story 4 had me laughing, shuttering in fear (sorry… ventriloquist dummies are terrifying!), and wishing I had brought a box of tissues. One of the main themes in the movie is dealing with being lost and what it really means. To me this transcends a simple animated movie and truly dips into the view of ones self and the world around us. It’s a movie that makes you think. It makes you look at how you view the world and question your own observations. I know that sounds like quite a bit from a cartoon… but that’s Disney/Pixar! Toy Story 4 is straight up on par with the previous three films. It might even go to “Infinity and Beyond!”. It has action, adventure, and even some romance! The classic characters are fantastic, but Forky steals the show! A close second would have to be Duke Caboom! Keanu Reeves is the new superstar that should be in every movie!

Part of this new found depth might be reflective of my age or them knowing that their original audience is 24 years older. Either way, I can’t recommend the movie enough. Take your family to see this and don’t be leery of going to see a matinee for fear of small children. It can be a true joy to witness and experience their excitement!



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